Using Throwback Thursday for Your Business

Throwback Thursday is a phenomenon that has taken over the social media world. Every Thursday people and companies from around the world show off old photos of just about anything. Using Throwback Thursday can make your business look hip, fun and provide an easy way for businesses to utilize old content.

Employee Throwbacks

An easy way to utilize Throwback Thursday in your business is to ask employees for old photos of them when they were younger. Some employees may give up pictures way back to their childhood while others may have old pictures of them working for the company. Be sure to include a story of which employee the picture is of and how long ago the photo was taken. Try to find funny pictures with old clothing styles or cute childhood photos. The funnier the picture, the better it will do.

Business Throwbacks

Show off old pictures of your business to show followers how long your business has been around. These pictures could include old pictures of buildings, current employees working years ago, and even old projects. It will help tell the history of your business in a fun and exciting way that people will pay attention to. The pictures of the business will bring nostalgia to your employees as well as your followers. You could even include old technology that you used back in the day that doesn’t get used anymore.

Random Throwbacks

Get creative with your Throwback Thursdays. If your crew is jamming out to a classic song, post it to social media. If a certain Thursday is an anniversary of a historical event, use a Throwback Thursday post to reference and celebrate it. Use these random throwbacks sparingly to ensure that your profile still remains professional. Also be sure to somehow relate it back to your business.

Throwback Thursdays can be incredibly effective on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Have fun with them and be sure to get creative.


New Age of Advertising in Social Media

Social media companies have seen Facebook’s model of advertising in the last few years and want to make advertising on social media less intrusive and more effective. They are doing this through what has been coined as “native advertising.” Targeted advertisements will come into your feed as though someone you were following posted a tweet or a picture. Instragram and Twitter plan on using this model of advertising in coming Instagram-Displaying-Adsmonths.

Instagram recently announced that they would be running advertisements on U.S. photo streams. The advertisements are going to be pictures that people won’t mind having in their streams and won’t cheapen the applications like other forms of internet banner advertising. Instagram claims that the advertisements will be “beautiful,” and people will actually enjoy having them on their feeds. If people don’t like the advertisements, they will be able to block the ads and complain to Instagram what they didn’t like about the ads. Twitter is also planning to follow this model as well in the near future.

With Twitter’s impending IPO, the company released that 87% of their revenue comes from advertisements. They are looking for the model that will work most effectively when they officially go public and and to better target promoted tweets at certain customers. They recently acquired MoPub, which will give them the analytic power to match Facebook and Google. In a nutshell, if a user sends  a tweet about running, Nike’s company could send a tweet to their feed about their new running shoes. This could give Twitter the power to grow and make a lot more money.

In summary, banner advertisements are dying and new forms of targeted advertising are taking over the digital world. Twitter and Instagram are leading the way to the social media advertising of the future.

Printing Instagram Photos

instagramoceanInstagram lets you create beautiful photos by adding filters. These filters can turn any picture into a masterpiece. Have you ever wanted to print an Instagram photo but couldn’t figure out how? With these tools you can print your Instagram beauties:

instagrambubblePostalPix: PostalPix is an iPhone app that lets you print two-, four-, five-, or eight-inch square prints. Printing your photos through here gives them high-quality resolution and a matte finish. Another bonus is fast shipping. PostalPix is a free app.

instagramlandscapePrinstagram: Prinstagram gives you multiple choices when it comes to printing your Instagram photos. You can print in squares, create calendars, print posters, and so much more. You can order just about any print imaginable with Pinstagram.

ImageSnap: Looking to have your photos printed on ceramic tiles? ImageSnap takes your photos and turns them into square ceramic tiles. You can purchase these ranging in sizes from 2 to 12 inches.

Casetagram: Want to turn your Instagram photo into a tablet or phone case? You can with Casetagram. You can customize your layout and collage and Casetagram will print on a black or white case. Check their website to see if a case can be made for your phone, tablet, or computer.

Instagram Vs. Vine

vine-instagramAs you probably already know, this past Thursday Instagram released their new video feature. We noticed some questions about Instagram video popping up all over social media. Some of these questions were, “What’s the difference between Instagram video and Vine” and “Why do I need this service when I already use Vine”. We’re hear to clear the air a little bit. While these two apps are quite simliar, there are some defining differences.

Video length: The videos you create on Instagram are longer than those on Vine. This is 15 seconds compared to 6.

Filters: Like photos on Instagram, you can add filters to your videos. There were 13 filters created for Instagram videos. Vine does not have filters.

Loop: A great aspect of Vine is the video loop. If you watch a video it will play over and over again on repeat. That way if you miss something you can see it the next round. Instagram videos do not have loop. Once they are done you will have to replay the video to view it again.

Sharing ability: Vine videos are best seen and most easily shared on Twitter. These videos take advantage of Twitter cards and you can watch the videos while scrolling through your timeline. Instagram’s videos will only appear as links. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook there is better integration there.

Overall, Instagram has a larger market share than Vine. This may be because it has been around longer. We say, let the battle for the top video sharing app begin! Which do you prefer, Vine or Instagram?

Instagram to Add Video?

instagramRumors are swirling that Instagram, the popular photo sharing app, will be adding a video sharing portion. This video feature, like Vine, will let people shoot and share short videos. TechCrunch released an article stating that a source has shared this information and the video portion of Instagram will be revealed at Facebook’s press event on Thursday.

Video sharing apps have greatly increased in popularity this past year. Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app, was released in January. This month Vine videos surpassed Instagram photos, so this may be a good time for Instagram to reveal a video sharing service. Other popular video sharing apps are Viddy and Socialcam.

Instagram has over 100 million users, and the implementation of a video app could further grow their fan base. If Instagram reveals a video sharing feature on Thursday, will you check it out?