Tips for Choosing a Company Name

Naming your company can be one of the most difficult parts of starting a company. It will have major effects on your company’s marketing efforts so it needs to appeal to the masses. In today’s digital age, you need to make sure that you can find a name that will allow you to market yourself online. Here a few things to check before deciding on your brand name:

Make Sure the Name Isn’t Trademarkedtrademark

Research, research, research. This could save you thousands in lawsuits and rebranding in the future. Start with a basic Google search to see if you can find other companies with the same names that you are thinking about. After you do these Google searches use tools online to check for trademarks. Many tools out there exist including The United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Check the Domain Name

Make sure that your company name is something that you will be able to create a website for later. For example, if your brand name is Adam Construction see if that domain name is available online. I just did a search for Adam Construction and the domain alone costs over $1000. You could play around with it to call it, but this may not be as effective as if you can find a company name that can be a short URL. Be sure the name is professional if you have to alter it, and it doesn’t take away from the professionalism of you website.

Check the Competition

Make sure your name isn’t a blatant ripoff of a competitor. If you think it sounds too much like the competitor’s brand name, it probably is too close. Try to differentiate yourself without getting too far from your business meaning.

If you take one thing from this article when choosing a company name is to do your research. It will save you time and money in the future and will ultimately contribute to the success of your company.



Common Digital Marketing Acronyms

When many business owners read online articles about digital and social marketing, these articles use acronyms that many people new to the digital world may not be familiar with. Here are some of the most common digital acronyms with definitions of what they mean:

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization basically means getting your website as high at it can be on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine of this type. SEO is the practice of using best practices to get your website ranked as high as possible.

PPC-Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is a term that publishers (website owners) use to charge companies for ad space on the internet. Each time the ad is clicked on the website, the publisher charges the companies for that click.

UX-User Experience

User Experience describes what the experience is like for a user not associated with the company using the service, software or website. A company needs to have a good UX to provide a professional and organized experience for their customers.

CR-Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a number that can show how many people that visit a website go beyond just a visit and complete a task that the company would like them to accomplish. These goals could include how many people that visit the website actually purchased a product.

What’s Up With WhatsApp

The news has been blowing up over the last week about Facebook’s massive buyout of the widely popular WhatsApp. The only problem is that many people haven’t heard of WhatsApp or know what it means for Facebook. It definitely had to be a big deal if Facebook paid 19 billion dollars for it.

What Is It? 

WhatsApp is a messaging service that offers an alternative to texting on smartphones for 1 dollar a year after the first year. Currently, WhatsApp has over 450 million users and continues to grow about a million users per day. The reason that many Americans haven’t heard of the application is that it is much more popular in Europe and Asia than in the United States where unlimited texting plans isn’t the norm. It is different than other apps of its kind because it has no ads and no games. It’s revenues are low, but it’s popularity it incredibly high.

What Does Facebook Want to Do With It?

No one really has an exact answer on why Facebook paid so much for this application. There a few educated guesses on why Facebook bought this application come from many market leaders on the internet.

  • Facebook needs to get into the social markets into emerging markets: Facebook doesn’t have much room to grow in the United States with such a high number of users. They needed a new way to get into contact with the markets in across the world, and WhatsApp is a direct link to these markets.
  • Facebook plans to become the Disney of social media: Facebook may just attempt to buy out as many major social media applications as possible to run the social media world.
  • Help Zuckerberg’s movement: Facebook is part of a movement that is attempting to get 2/3 of the world onto the internet. Through the use of WhatsApp more people could afford to use texting worldwide which could help his cause.

Overall, it is probably a combination of a lot of reasons that Facebook bought WhatsApp for such a large sum of money. What this acquisition really shows is the major power of Facebook in the social media world and a trend beginning of Facebook buying up their competitors.

Pinterest for Business

Businesses, especially those with eCommerce business models, can benefit from utilizing the social media platform Pinterest. Pinterest recently released a Pinterest for Business option giving businesses a lot more insight into their pages. After verifying that your business is in fact a real business, Pinterest will allow you to sign up for one of these new accounts. The Pinterest for Business account brings some huge bonuses to your Pinterest success

The Pin It Button

Adding the Pin It Button to your website easily allows followers to pin items directly off of your website onto their Pinterest boards. It is similar to when you see Share it buttons on websites or games to share items to your Facebook page. This will make it incredibly easy for your products that you want shared get organic pins without you having to do much work. Once your Pin It buttons are implemented, you can track the results with the new Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics

According to Pinterest’s website, this new feature will allow you to “Find out how many people are Pinning from your website, seeing your Pins, and clicking your content.” This is a huge step for Pinterest because it will be a lot easier for businesses to put number to their social media activity. It will be much easier to compare results to other social media platforms as well as other marketing channels. 

Rich Pins

Rich pins make your pins more useful. There are currently five different types of Rich pins which include recipe, product, article, place, and movie. The most valuable one for businesses is the product rich pin. It will take your directly to the page that the item is being sold on. This can get a little technical and involves some basic HTML formatting. If you run a site with any eCommerce it could be incredibly worth it.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are coming to Pinterest. They aren’t here quite yet, but your business can sign up to be part of the initial trial runs of this advertising. It will be interesting to see what these posts will bring, but all of these new Pinterest for Business updates are centered around this new feature that will make Pinterest some serious money in the future.

Blog #200: A Look Back

It seems like just yesterday we were picking which colors we wanted for our new blog Digital Fiber. It has now been 200 posts and we consider this a major milestone for Digital Fiber. Here’s a look back on five of our favorite blog posts from the past.

  1. EIEIO Social Strategy-Not sure what to post to your social media pages? Let Old MacDonald help you out using the E-I-E-I-O approach to social media.
  2. Gmail Tips and Tricks-Gmail gets used more and more everyday, and we have seen that trend contin200ue with the integration with Google+ and YouTube. Follow these tricks to become a master of your Gmail account.
  3. Website No-Nos-Knowing what to do on your website is important but knowing what not to do may be even more important. Be sure to never commit any of Turbine’s website No-Nos.
  4. Best Practices for Social Media-Learn the unwritten rules of social media. Some may seem obvious and some will make you think about your social media practices.
  5. Writing Content that Ranks High on Google-Google search results are something that are incredibly important to your business success, and it all starts with content. If your content is strong your search rankings will increase dramatically.

We love spreading the word about all things related to technology, social media, marketing, websites and so much more. Let us know if there is something you really want to know about, and we can make it happen. 200 is just the beginning!

3 Ways to Use Social Media for Local PR

We all know getting involved in the community is a great way to build a great public image for your company, but what about getting involved in your community’s social media? It’s an easy way to build public relations for you business without spending a whole bunch of cash in the process. Here are a few examples of how to do it.

  1. Supporting Local Sports Teams: Let’s say your company is located in a city with a college or a high school nearby. Wish the team good luck in their next game and see if you can get them to tweet back and forth with you. You could even tweet or post a picture with sports gear on wishing the team good luck.keep-calm-and-support-local-charities
  2. Supporting Local Causes: It is great to get involved and reach out to national causes, but if you can reach out to local causes, it will be really help your image in the local community. If a non-profit is having a big fundraiser, tweet questions to them about it and get engagement with them. Wish them luck on it and encourage followers to attend the events.
  3. Engaging Local Celebrities: Every community has local celebrities that are special to members of their communities. Some examples could include local news channels, coaches, or athletes from local colleges. Respond to questions they have on social media or ask them your own. The more engagement that happens on social media, the more value it will bring to your business.

Every community is different and what works in one local community may not work in the other. Be sure to figure out what your community values, who they follow and how you can get involved with the cause. Getting involved in your community in the digital world will help build your credibility along and can bring huge value to your company’s PR campaign.

10 Facebook Facts for 10 Years

10 facebookHappy 10th Birthday Facebook! In honor of this historic event, we dug the internet to find 10 random facts about the incredible 10 year history of this company:

1Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, was the venture capitalist who invested $500,000 in Facebook back in 2004.

2) The true meaning of the “poke” still remains unknown. If people ask Zuckerberg himself he will respond with the answer from the FAQ section of the website.

3) Ezra Callahan, one of Facebook’s co-founders, claims that Facebook’s success was “just the dumbest luck.”

4) The amount of fake profiles on Facebook in 2012 was roughly the population of Egypt at 83 million.

5) The like and share buttons are viewed more than 22 million times a day.

6) Facebook has teamed up with NYU’s Center for Data Science to help make leaps into artificial intelligence.

7) David Choe: This artist painted murals in the original Facebook offices, and the young startup paid him in stock instead of cash. That stock was eventually worth over $200 million, but the artist claims it really didn’t change his life for the better.

8) 1 in 6 Facebook users only access the site through mobile devices.

9) Instagram now can boast 55 million pictures a day being uploaded to the application.

10) Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire on the Bloomberg 150.

No matter how you feel about Facebook, it is absolutely incredible what they have accomplished in the last decade. It will be incredible to see what the next 10 years holds for the company. We thank for the incredible amount of data on their website about Facebook and all facts and figures came from articles on this website.