Viral Videos

download (1)We all know in the digital marketing world that viral videos are the Lost City of Gold or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  They seem impossible and fairly random on their success.  There really isn’t a recipe or formula to attain a viral video.  As a company that provides video services to our clients, this is a deflating reality when were asked for this sort of goal.  Our mantra, is to always be true to your brand and your image.  We call it, “living the brand promise.”  If a company can do this, whether their video goes viral or not, won’t matter – it will be successful.

Here are a few key items to keep in mind when shooting your video:

  • keep the message simple and focused
  • your video shouldn’t be over 3 minutes.  Ideally, you want it between 1-2 minutes.  This is about how long a viewer is willing to commit
  • make the topic interesting, even if it’s addressing a niche audience
  • Share, share, share on social media platforms
  • Be sincere.  Remember that brand promise…
  • Be real.  Your video doesn’t necessarily have to be professionally shot.  Smart phones work great.

Check out this article from Mashable on viral, branded videos and what hey have to say and good luck on your journey to the end of the rainbow!

Want to shoot your own video?  Here are some great app recommendations and some detail about each,,2817,2421987,00.asp





Best E-Newsletter Solutions

E-Newsletters are a great way to get new products and services out to large amounts of people at a very low cost. It can be time-friendly and can be easy to maintain if you use the right tools. A lot of applications and software exist for companies to utilize to send out their e-newsletters, and it can be hard to know which ones to trust. Here are two that are both reliable and trustworthy.


MailChimp is a web application that is free for entrepreneurs and small businesses with less than 2,000 contacts that want to send less than 12,000 emails per month. The service offers great templates with easy customization. Once you build up your email list to over 2,000 email addresses, you pay for the service based on how many people you are sending the emails to.  This is a great service with fair pricing that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.


BombBomb is a paid web application for e-newsletters that specializes in easily sending formatted videos in your e-newsletters. With video marketing growing rapidly into the future, this may be a great way to get it out to your followers. BombBomb is a bit more pricey than MailChimp and doesn’t offer a free service for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  If you aren’t going to have consistent monthly videos, it would be easier and cheaper to use MailChimp as an option.

Both of these services are two the top trusted names in the business. They are both affordable and will bring you great results.

Using Online Video in Marketing

videomarketingLooking for an interesting way to promote your business? Have you ever thought of using video? Online video marketing has increased greatly over the past few years. Making videos and posting them online is fairly inexpensive and videos stay online forever. You spend money once for years of exposure. Videos also go great with social media. It is extremely easy to post a video link on outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. Videos are a great way to promote your business and all that it does. There are multiple ways in which you can use videos for online marketing and we’ve chosen what we think are some strong ideas.

1. Behind the scenes videos

What goes on at your office? What’s the environment like? People are often curious what a business is like and what the employees do. Creating some behind the scenes videos is a great way to show off your business. Maybe you want to do a tour of the office or show what a day in the life of an employee is like. The behind the scenes video opportunities are endless.

2. Tip videos

Tip videos are one of our favorite things to do at Turbine. We produce a lot of tip videos for our clients. Why? Because it is great to get inside perspective on something within a certain industry. Potential customers may have a lot of questions for a business. A great way to reel customers in is to highlight your business’ industry knowledge. Also, the videos help put a face to the name.

3. Testimonial videos

You know what’s great? Hearing good things from customers! A good testimonial goes a long way. A great idea is to get something like this on video. A business can say how good they are until they’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t convince consumers. A customer saying something positive about the business will open up their ears. Word of mouth is extremely powerful. If a customer is willing to promote your business through a testimonial video, then go for it. Just make sure you have their permission to use it for marketing purposes. Here’s an example of a testimonial video Turbine did for a client. We think it is a great way to show off the work the business has done, and it shows two happy customers.


4. Overview videos

What does your business do? Where did you start? What is your mission? These are all questions you can answer in an overview video. This is an excellent thing to put on a website. Sometimes people don’t want to read through an entire company’s “About Us” section. We’re all guilty of skimming those. Why not make it easy and provide video as well? Tell your audience who you are and what you do.

Take advantage of online video marketing. Like we said earlier, it is fairly inexpensive and can last a long time. The ideas we’ve provided above are a great ways to promote your business through video. We have created a lot of online videos for our clients. You check some of them out by visiting our YouTube page.

Instagram Vs. Vine

vine-instagramAs you probably already know, this past Thursday Instagram released their new video feature. We noticed some questions about Instagram video popping up all over social media. Some of these questions were, “What’s the difference between Instagram video and Vine” and “Why do I need this service when I already use Vine”. We’re hear to clear the air a little bit. While these two apps are quite simliar, there are some defining differences.

Video length: The videos you create on Instagram are longer than those on Vine. This is 15 seconds compared to 6.

Filters: Like photos on Instagram, you can add filters to your videos. There were 13 filters created for Instagram videos. Vine does not have filters.

Loop: A great aspect of Vine is the video loop. If you watch a video it will play over and over again on repeat. That way if you miss something you can see it the next round. Instagram videos do not have loop. Once they are done you will have to replay the video to view it again.

Sharing ability: Vine videos are best seen and most easily shared on Twitter. These videos take advantage of Twitter cards and you can watch the videos while scrolling through your timeline. Instagram’s videos will only appear as links. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook there is better integration there.

Overall, Instagram has a larger market share than Vine. This may be because it has been around longer. We say, let the battle for the top video sharing app begin! Which do you prefer, Vine or Instagram?

Instagram to Add Video?

instagramRumors are swirling that Instagram, the popular photo sharing app, will be adding a video sharing portion. This video feature, like Vine, will let people shoot and share short videos. TechCrunch released an article stating that a source has shared this information and the video portion of Instagram will be revealed at Facebook’s press event on Thursday.

Video sharing apps have greatly increased in popularity this past year. Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app, was released in January. This month Vine videos surpassed Instagram photos, so this may be a good time for Instagram to reveal a video sharing service. Other popular video sharing apps are Viddy and Socialcam.

Instagram has over 100 million users, and the implementation of a video app could further grow their fan base. If Instagram reveals a video sharing feature on Thursday, will you check it out?

Magisto Video App

There are a bazillion apps out there and as they say, “there’s an app for that,”  this is especially true when it comes to video and picture apps.  However, not all apps are created equal.  So, for some light Friday blogging, we thought we’d give you information on a video editing app we stumbled across during a client (thanks Foy Financial Inc.) quarterly review meeting this morning.

The app is called Magisto – Magical Video Editor.  You can use it on your Android and iPhone.  The gist is that this app guides you through a super quick and easy editing process, from selecting video clips to adding music, to uploading to the cloud and/or sharing.  You can get instant, decent quality results in about 10-15 minutes.  Below you’ll find a quick “How It Works” video on YouTube.  Happy Apping!