Posting People Pictures Matters

photoA recent study focusing on Instagram concluded that pictures with people were 38% more likely to get Likes from Followers and 32% more likely to get Comments and Shares.  For the full article, check out:

So, what does this mean?  People want to see you or at least people they know and relate to.  This should come as no surprise, as the social media movement is also about people and interaction.  Putting a name and face to marketing is Social Media 101.  Here are a few tips to help you and your business execute on this idea and use best practices to reach our to your audience.

Post people picturess and Tag them – Tag simply means to use the little Tag icon to type in the name of the person on the photo.  If the person you Tag in the photo has a Facebook account, the picture will hit their Facebook page, too and any friends they may have.

Post pictures and include any relevant Hash Tagging.  Hash tagging is adding a Hash tag (or #pound symbol) to the front of words, phrases, names etc. for trending topic tracking.  It’s allows for better searching and reach for specific subject matter.

Like the article describes, people pictures have pull.  The Selfie (picture of yourself snapped usually at random, see mine above) are great, but don’t post them every day.  Even your friends and family aren’t that interested in each and every Selfie you may take.

For other apps such as Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. be sure to include as much information about your pictures as possible, whether it’s a people picture or not.  This is not only helpful for the follower, but also for any SEO (search engine optimization) associated with your brand.  Yes, even you are a brand, assuming that you’re not applying this to your business.



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