Common Digital Marketing Acronyms

When many business owners read online articles about digital and social marketing, these articles use acronyms that many people new to the digital world may not be familiar with. Here are some of the most common digital acronyms with definitions of what they mean:

SEO-Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization basically means getting your website as high at it can be on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine of this type. SEO is the practice of using best practices to get your website ranked as high as possible.

PPC-Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is a term that publishers (website owners) use to charge companies for ad space on the internet. Each time the ad is clicked on the website, the publisher charges the companies for that click.

UX-User Experience

User Experience describes what the experience is like for a user not associated with the company using the service, software or website. A company needs to have a good UX to provide a professional and organized experience for their customers.

CR-Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a number that can show how many people that visit a website go beyond just a visit and complete a task that the company would like them to accomplish. These goals could include how many people that visit the website actually purchased a product.


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