Pinterest for Business

Businesses, especially those with eCommerce business models, can benefit from utilizing the social media platform Pinterest. Pinterest recently released a Pinterest for Business option giving businesses a lot more insight into their pages. After verifying that your business is in fact a real business, Pinterest will allow you to sign up for one of these new accounts. The Pinterest for Business account brings some huge bonuses to your Pinterest success

The Pin It Button

Adding the Pin It Button to your website easily allows followers to pin items directly off of your website onto their Pinterest boards. It is similar to when you see Share it buttons on websites or games to share items to your Facebook page. This will make it incredibly easy for your products that you want shared get organic pins without you having to do much work. Once your Pin It buttons are implemented, you can track the results with the new Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics

According to Pinterest’s website, this new feature will allow you to “Find out how many people are Pinning from your website, seeing your Pins, and clicking your content.” This is a huge step for Pinterest because it will be a lot easier for businesses to put number to their social media activity. It will be much easier to compare results to other social media platforms as well as other marketing channels. 

Rich Pins

Rich pins make your pins more useful. There are currently five different types of Rich pins which include recipe, product, article, place, and movie. The most valuable one for businesses is the product rich pin. It will take your directly to the page that the item is being sold on. This can get a little technical and involves some basic HTML formatting. If you run a site with any eCommerce it could be incredibly worth it.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are coming to Pinterest. They aren’t here quite yet, but your business can sign up to be part of the initial trial runs of this advertising. It will be interesting to see what these posts will bring, but all of these new Pinterest for Business updates are centered around this new feature that will make Pinterest some serious money in the future.


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