Blog #200: A Look Back

It seems like just yesterday we were picking which colors we wanted for our new blog Digital Fiber. It has now been 200 posts and we consider this a major milestone for Digital Fiber. Here’s a look back on five of our favorite blog posts from the past.

  1. EIEIO Social Strategy-Not sure what to post to your social media pages? Let Old MacDonald help you out using the E-I-E-I-O approach to social media.
  2. Gmail Tips and Tricks-Gmail gets used more and more everyday, and we have seen that trend contin200ue with the integration with Google+ and YouTube. Follow these tricks to become a master of your Gmail account.
  3. Website No-Nos-Knowing what to do on your website is important but knowing what not to do may be even more important. Be sure to never commit any of Turbine’s website No-Nos.
  4. Best Practices for Social Media-Learn the unwritten rules of social media. Some may seem obvious and some will make you think about your social media practices.
  5. Writing Content that Ranks High on Google-Google search results are something that are incredibly important to your business success, and it all starts with content. If your content is strong your search rankings will increase dramatically.

We love spreading the word about all things related to technology, social media, marketing, websites and so much more. Let us know if there is something you really want to know about, and we can make it happen. 200 is just the beginning!


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