Scheduling Posts: Finding Time for Social Media

You’re busy. You run a small business, have a family, and even attempt to have some sort of a social life. How are you supposed to get onto Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and more? The key is scheduling. It is possible for you to schedule a week’s worth of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ posts all on a Sunday night and then just monitor the activity for the rest of the week.


Facebook has a built in feature on business pages that allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. The picture below shows the status box that you would normally post for your Facebook page. In the bottom right corner, the box shows a clock.

facebook postCreate your post then click the clock. It will allow you to select an exact date and time you would like the post to go out. Once you schedule it, that post will automatically go up on the date and time you have chosen. You can schedule out as far in advance as your would like using this feature.


hootsutieHootsuite is a tool that will allow you to schedule out Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ posts ahead of time. If you run just one business, Hootsuite will allow you to schedule out posts for up to 5 social networks for free. Coming up with content is a lot easier to do for a whole week than trying to come up with original content every single day. This will make social media less of a hassle on busy business owners.

Monitoring Scheduled Posts

Scheduling posts can be great for business owners because they don’t have to come up with fresh content too often. The major problem that people need to watch out for is ignoring their social media for the whole week after scheduling posts. Someone could tweet or send a Facebook message your business on Monday, but the you may forget to check it until the following Sunday. Business owners still need to check their social media daily to ensure they haven’t been engaged with something they need to respond to quickly.

The basic rule of thumb with scheduling is as follows: Schedule your posts out in advance but still check on your social media daily. Scheduling posts can make it easier on business owners so they don’t have to come up with original content every single day while still helping them maintain consistency. It will save you time and make managing your social media much easier.


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