How Your Business Should Use Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are a way to increase your reach of a post on Facebook. These posts can double, triple, or even reach more people than a regular post will reach. Facebook is pushing businesses to use these more often and is trying to get your business to buy more and more of these promoted posts. Businesses need to understand the rules of thumb on how often to use these promoted posts to make the most use out of them.

Who Will See Your Promoted Posts?

When used correctly, promoted posts can be a valuable tool in targeting people that are interested in your brand or could be interested in your brand. You have the option to choose anything from who will see your promoted post, where these people live by country, state, or city and if these people are fans of your page already or not.  It’s really all up to the business paying for the promoted post who will see the advertisement, but it also depends on how much you are willing to spend.

How Much Should Be Spent on Promoting Posts?promoted

Facebook actually helps you figure out how much you would want to spend on a promoted post. It all truly depends on how many followers your Facebook page has. If your page has 15,000 likes, spending $10 to get an extra 3,000 views on your post may not be worth it. You could probably achieve those results by just ensuring that you are putting out the best contest you possibly can and monitoring what your followers respond to. On the other hand, if a page has 500 likes the page could really see major results from a $10 promoted post. The best rule of thumb to follow is just play with it a bit and really know ahead of time how many more people you would like to reach.

How Often to Use Promoted Posts

The best way to utilize promoted posts is to put a post up on regular Facebook and then wait. According to most experts, if a post has been up for 6-8 hours and fans are responding incredibly well to the post, this is the post you should promote. Don’t promote a post as soon as you put it up. This way you can ensure that you are spending the marketing budget on a post people don’t want to see. Don’t use promoted posts too often. Be sure to create a budget and stick to to it. Measure the success of it, and adjust accordingly.

Many marketing trend reports show promoted posts for businesses increasing on all social media channels in 2014. Be sure to watch the trends and use Promoted Posts wisely.


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