Choosing the Right Colors for Your Company Website

Choosing colors can be an incredibly difficult challenge for a new company website. Many reports are out there on what colors will work best for what industry, and all sorts of data will back up many different conclusions. The best way to use all this material is to take it into consideration, but don’t base everything off one report you find on Google. Do you research and use our 5 tips on website color to help you make decisions.

color guide

  1. Be consistent with your logo. Your logo colors should match the color schemes of your website.
  2. Check out competitors websites and logos. See what they are using and decide if you would like your website to look similar or if you would like to go totally different than the competitors.
  3. Compare studies that show human emotions on color. Different colors bring out different feelings in people. Match colors to your company’s mission and values.
  4. Be sure to use contrasting colors. This will help ensure that your website is legible and easy on the eyes.
  5. Do your research on your specific industry. Odds are that you can find information on color schemes in your specific industry, and reports like these will be much more valuable to you than broad statistics.

How valuable can visually appealing website be for your business?  According to, color increases brand recognition by 80%. This shows that color will play a major role in people recognizing your brand, and it it something that companies really need to pay attention to. Make sure your company’s website colors play to that 80% increase by using colors to help meet your digital goals. Use these five tips and be sure to do your research when deciding on your website colors.


2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Colors for Your Company Website

    • Absolutely! Customizable blogs are fun and great for adding color schemes to. Like websites, adding different colors can help one stand out from the competition. You can also highlight emotion with color. We hope to add in a different color scheme to our blog soon!

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