Hashtags can be confusing for new users to Twitter. What is a hashtag, and what’s even the point? First off a hashtag will add to your twitter conversations and placed properly can help you build followers that are interested in certain topics.

How Many Hashtags


We’ve all seen it. You either follow that business or friend on Twitter that feels like they need to hit 160 characters on every tweet. If they are short, they just fill the tweet with meaningless hashtags. Look at the picture attached and make sure that this isn’t you. An easy rule of thumb is to make sure that you are using between 1-3 hashtags per tweet. Too many hashtags per tweet can actually make Google think that your account is a spam account on Twitter.

What to Hashtag in a Tweet

Make sure when you are utilizing hashtags, make sure the words that you are highlighting are really getting your point across. Don’t hashtag words like #happy, #overwhelmed, #LOL, etc. These won’t gain you any more followers or get you into the conversations you are looking to be a part of. If your business is at a conference, be sure to tweet about the conference using their hashtag. Search the conference on Twitter to see what other people are already using and match it. This was your business is now part of the trend and the conversation.

Just make sure when using hashtags you are highlighting what the tweet and your business represent. Don’t go overboard with them and be sure to tweet at events your are attending. Think about what you would want to see on your timeline. Use hashtags wisely and watch your followers grow.


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