Social Media Rules for 2014

New year, new rules for social media. 2013 proved to be the biggest year yet for businesses on social media. What’s one big thing we learned last year? Social media isn’t going anywhere. As we dive into this new year, it’s time to reflect on 2013 and establish some rules for 2014. Let’s learn from ours and other’s mistakes and make this year our best in social media.

20142014 Social Media Rules

1. Get on social media 

It’s time you stop asking if you need to be on social media. Like we said prior, it isn’t going anywhere. We live in a world dominated by the social, so make sure your business is on board. Being on social media is a great way to reach your target audience, which is something your business should always be striving for. Social media is an easy way to connect with people. Stop thinking you don’t have something to say or it won’t be worth it. It’s 2014, time to jump on board.

2. Have a strategy

It’s time to stop randomly posting and get a plan put together. What do you want to get out of social media? If you don’t know nor do you have a strategy to reach your goals, then social media will be a fail. You’re not on social media for the heck of it. You’re using it to get results. Figure out what results you want to achieve, put a plan together, and stick with it.

3. Be consistent

Social media takes time and dedication. It does nothing to create a profile then leave it sitting idle. In fact, that will probably hurt more than it will help. It may be hard to find the time to do social media each day, but setting some time aside helps. There are many tools out there that can help you with keeping things consistent. Feel you won’t have time later in the day to post? Jump on a site like Hootsuite, where you can schedule your posts out. Consistency shows fans that you are accessible and engaged.

4. Avoid overusing hashtags

Hashtags are great. They help with search so people can find tweets based on categories, and that’s wonderful. There is something as “too much of a good thing,” though. Overusing hashtags is annoying for the viewer. It also shows a lack of direction. What is your tweet about, specifically? Like your tweets, your hashtags should have a clear focus. Don’t use more than two or three in a tweet.

5. Stop it with the hard sell already

Social media is for interaction. It’s about generating conversations. Constantly trying to sell your business or products is a big mistake. The goal of social media is to show your knowledge and to generate conversations about your products and services. Do you know what your audience wants to hear? We bet it isn’t a post about how amazing your business is. Share what you know, not what you sell.

6. Review, review, review

When’s the last time you reviewed your social media profiles? Has it been awhile? It’s important that these be checked regularly to make sure they are up-to-date. An outdated profile will give the impression that you don’t care too much. It’s also misleading. Don’t provide a certain service anymore? Take if off your profiles.

Reviewing is also key for posts. Poor grammar and spelling can ruin a post. Make sure you’re carefully reviewing everything before it is posted. Check them more than once. Grammar mistakes stick out like sore thumbs and ruin post credibility.

We’ve provided a short list of rules to follow in 2014. What are your social media guidelines for this year?


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