Notice a Drop in Your Facebook Reach?

Small businesses everywhere are seeing their Facebook reach on posts drop dramatically within the last couple months. Their followers could still be rising, and they could be doing everything right but the results may be seeing a dip. Why is this? Facebook has changed their algorithm to help followers see stuff that pertains to them.

The new updates to their services will make it harder for businesses to get their messages across to their followers. Basically if you want a whole lot of people to see your posts, you better start paying to promote every once in a while.  Facebook is basically saying that promoted posts are going to be highly favored over organic, non-paid posts. The Facebook world has hit a point where it is coming down to paying. Why might this be okay for businesses?

The only thing that may be a potential advantage of Facebook over other forms of advertising is that is still relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising. Facebook ads range from $10-$30 and will reach thousands and thousands of people. Now that more businesses will be encouraged to buy Facebook advertising, businesses will put up more high quality posts,especially if the businesses are paying for them. Facebook believes that this will make their experience a better place. For most, it sounds like a way for Facebook to force businesses to buy advertising.

It will be interesting to see how businesses change their Facebook strategies over the next few months to deal with these new changes. It will be interesting to see where Facebook goes in 2014, but these new changes are definitely the start of something different.


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