How to Measure Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can be an incredibly great way to reach customers you have already worked with. You have gained their permission to send them emails about your company, and these may be some of your most loyal customers. They already trust your brand enough to give you permission to send emails to their personal accounts. Make sure that you know how to measure these campaigns to ensure that you are using your time and resources wisely. Here are three easy ways to check the effectiveness of your campaigns.


email marketing

Bounces refer to when your emails have been sent to an email address that is fake. Every campaign may end up getting a few of these, but if the number is incredibly high you need to find a way to verify the email addresses that you are receiving. The average bounce rate is 2.2% in the United States so if your bounce rate is much higher you need to begin to verify email addresses.


This number is as simple as it seems. It means how many people actually opened the email that you sent to them. Many people automatically have marketing emails sent to their spam folders or just never open them. The average number of unique open rates for a marketing email is 19.7%. This can vary by industry but usually stays around 20%. You can benchmark how well your company’s marketing plans are working by comparing it to national averages.


The average click-through rate of email marketing messages is just 3.6%. This means that just 3 out of every 100 people you sent emails to actually click to the link that they are advertising. This means that you really need to be hitting your target market with your email marketing because these 3 people are the ones that will actually buy the product you are promoting.

These averages are all found in a study that you can find here: Check out this link to see where your email marketing campaigns stack up with national averages as well as numbers in your specified industry.




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