How to Find Content for Your Business

You know that it is important to find content to both post about and blog about for your business. The main problem is that this information can be hard to find. You get writers block and tend to spend a lot of the time reading the same articles over and over. Where can someone find good content to post about? Here are a few examples:

Social Media

A great way to find killer content to post on social media is as simple as looking on social media. Follow industry leaders in the subjects that your business posts about to find articles and topics that are trending. For example, if you are a bar working trying to find interesting content to post, follow major alcohol companies and famous bars and clubs that have large social media followings. Also follow news stations in your area to find out any interesting information that your customers would want to know. Following and paying attention to accounts like these will give you great ideas and will help the ideas flow.


Alltop is a great place to find blogs about any major topics that you are looking for. You can customize your account so that it finds exactly what your business entails. It will find awesome articles and major blogs that will help get your ideas flowing for content and blog materials. It takes a bit to get used to the format, but once you start using it, the information you can gain is top notch.

Major News Outlets

Check major news outlets in your city as well as nationwide. Check major magazines such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and other major business magazines for articles that pertain to your industry. It’s as easy as typing the words bar or alcohol into the search bar and seeing if anything cool comes up.

Finding content for social media and blogs can be tough at times, but once you get a few sources that you religiously check with and follow, it can make it all a lot easier. Overall use social media influencers, Alltop, and major news outlets, and it should make your content searching much easier.


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