Spotify’s Update Changes the Game

There has been a lot of talk about what Spotify’s new mobile update actually offers you. The new update pushes the boundaries of free music streaming with their newest update. We will show you what it offers and how that differs from paying for the service or using another service.

The Best Part: Artist Shufflespotify

Spotify now allows you to shuffle music from just a single artist on your mobile device FOR FREE. If you are trying to undwind and just feel like Jack Johnson, you can shuffle only his music. This is a service that no other competitor can match including Pandora or Songza can even come close to. These services can play music like Jack Johnson, but still has to mix in other artists such as Bob Marley and other easy listening.


The Spotify mobile app now allows you to create playlists and play them for free. The only rules that come with these playlists are that the playlists must include 20 songs and include more than three artists. Advertisements will play every five to six songs, and then your playlist will continue. You can create and update these playlists on the mobile app as well as your desktop.

Free On Demand Listening on Tablets

Users that utilize Spotify on their Android or iOS tablets can now use Spotify as if they were on a desktop computer. They can play specific songs whenever they want, and ads will come up every five or six songs.

With these new updates, as long as you can put up with the occasional advertisement, there isn’t much incentive for people to purchase the full Spotify premium subscriptions. These new updates will push Spotify past their competitors and totally change the music market for years to come.


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