The Power of Social Media in Major Events

Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest human beings to grace the planet in the last decade. The passing of such an incredible human shows the power of social media, and how social media can bring the world together.

Social media really shows how such an incredible message can be brought throughout the world. On the day that Nelson passed, 7.2 million tweets were sent out about him. According to Mashable, these numbers even reached 95,000 tweets per minute. This was one of the top 10 trending subjects of the year. People can understand how powerful that Twitter and social media can be as a whole. His messages of peace continued to spread even after his death. World leaders are going to continue to spread their messages through social media to reach the masses.barack obama

Facebook also went nuts with the news of Mandela’s passing, 39 million people posted over 80 million pieces of content about Mandela’s death according to Mashable. Major leaders such as Barack Obama put up Facebook posts highlighting the leader and pieces like this really bring the world together. The population of South Africa is 51.19 million according to Google. Nearly as many people posted on Twitter of Facebook about the leader of an African country that actually live in the country. This shows the world coming together, and the world becoming much more global.

Other major world events on the top 10 of the year on social media include Pope Francis, the election, the Royal Baby, and the Tour de France. These events are from different parts of the world, but are all coming together through social media. Social media is going to allow the world to connect together and make the world a smaller place for everyone in it.


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