Why Your Small Business Needs to Be Blogging

Blogging seems like a 90’s fad, and this is why many businesses don’t take the time or effort to blog. The fact of the matter is that blogging is more important than it ever has been. Businesses need to make blogging an essential part of their digital marketing efforts.blog

One of the most important reasons that your website may or may not pass up competitors on Google is due to how often you update the site. If a business wants to update its site multiple times a week, there are only so many things that can change weekly. Hopefully a business keeps its employees and doesn’t have to update that portion of their website too often. Products, services, and locations remain constant over time so blogs are really the only major option for businesses to update an a constant basis.

When a business blogs, it provides Google proof that the site is updated regularly and will keep it high on search results. Keywords have evolved and are becoming less and less important and will continue to do so over the next few years. The trends will be a combination of social media use (especially Google+) along with the constant updating of websites.

Blogging also shows customers that you are industry experts. In today’s consumer market, people can find information over just about anything over the internet. A lot of businesses find a problem when the customer claims to know more than the business. They won’t let the business sell them the products and services that they need because the customer read a bad review over that certain product online. Blogs help businesses show that they are up on the latest topics and really have a grasp on what is important in their industry.

Companies need to realize that blogs didn’t die in the 90’s and take advantage of this incredibly valuable marketing tool. Keeping your company high on Google search as well as showing your expertise are two major reasons businesses need to take this advice.


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