Great Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is well underway, and Turbine Digital is here to give you a few great tech deals on Cyber Monday. This Cyber Monday is expected to break records as the largest Cyber Monday of all time. Check out these sales from all over the internet.cyber monday

Blu-rays on Amazon

Blu Rays are on special on Amazon. Find great deals on great stocking-stuffer blu-rays such as Skyfall: DVD/Blu-ray Combo for less than 10 dollars. Other great blu-rays on sale include X-Men First Class, Fight Club, Life of Pi, Pulp Fiction, Moneyball, and more. Just go to Amazon’s homepage and click on the Cyber Monday section on the right of the page. You can browse all of these great deals as well as DVD’s under $5.

Hotel Rooms

Traveling over your Christmas holiday. Book your room during Cyber Monday sales. They offer great sales on rooms that can range from 50% and even more lucrative deals than these. Websites to check include the Red Roof Inn, Marriot, Omni Hotels, and more. If you are looking for a getaway over the Christmas holiday check out this great website highlighting many of the deals.

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Makers make a great gift for any coffee enthusiast. Usually these machines are well over $100 but check out this great Black Friday deal to help anyone on your list get their fix of coffee.

This deal seems almost too good to be true. The site alright normally already gives customers great deals by giving them at least 50% off their meals at restaurants in their area. They now are offering $25 gift cards for $3! Use the code Cyber and you are in! Take total advantage of this!

This Cyber Monday is one for the record books. Be sure to check out some deals and get some shopping done early with these deals and so many more across the internet.




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