Who is Using Facebook

Many businesses might claim that Facebook only applies to companies that focus on a younger audience. This may have been true a few years ago, but statistics from fastcompany.com as well as Forbes might change your viewpoint.

Teens aren’t using Facebook

In Quarter 3 of 2013, active teen Facebook users had dropped by 76% since just the first quarter. This is insane. For e


very four teenagers that were
updating statuses, liking photographs, and sharing pages, this number has gone down to one. This changes the landscape completely. Younger brands are focusing on brands such as Vine, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. Facebook claims to still be gaining users every quarter with this major drop. Who is joining the social media site now?

55-64 Year Olds

55-64 year olds are the fasting growing market segment on Facebook. They have basically canceled out the drop in teenagers by growing nearly 50% since 2012. This number will continue to grow in the future, and this opens up huge marketing segments for businesses with older target audiences. Facebook definitely isn’t just for the younger audiences. This is why you are seeing so many more companies dedicating so much more money to social media efforts than ever before.

Social media definitely isn’t a teenage fad anymore for those who still may see it this way. Companies with older target markets need to take advantage of this advertising/marketing/PR tool more than ever before.


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