The 4-1-1 Rule of Twitter

The 4-1-1 rule of Twitter is an easy layout for businesses to follow when tweeting. Coined by researches at Tippingpoint Labs, it is just one rule of thumb that companies can follow when figuring out their Twitter content.

How the Formula Works

411Joe Pullizi, founder of the theory, explains the theory as for every one self-serving tweet, post, or update, a brand should share four new pieces of content and one re-share. Basically this means 4 out of every 6 tweets are about the industry that your company is in. Let’s say you are a recording studio. 4 of your tweets would be about topics such as new recording technology, changes in the industry, and other informative topics. One tweet would then be about a new album that your company is putting out next week. Your next tweet would be a retweet from a famous artist or music producer. This would equal around 6 tweets which would be between 2 and 2.5 days of full tweets.

Why This Strategy Works

This strategy makes it easy for businesses to plan out their tweets. A social media strategist can find a lot of information about the industry as well as easily tweet about what is most important in the company. It also ensures that their account looks professional and doesn’t just look like a spam account. No one is interested in just following an account where a company puts their own website up every single tweet. They might look the first time, but after that, they will just continue to ignore your tweets. Most of all, it just reminds people to mix it up. Tweets need to differentiate, and at the very least, this method will help people not get stuck in a Twitter rut.


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