Dropbox for Business

Dropbox has become a giant in data sharing and storage in the last few years. In the last 4 months alone, Dropbox gained 25 million more users. If you aren’t using the service yet, you should be. Their recent updates have improved service so users can utilize the service seperately for business and personal use.

The basic way Dropbox works is that a user can go in and save files from their computer into the program. They can then enter their account on any computer and access these files. They have great mobile phone and tablet applications to go along with this service. Companies love using the service because it allows many people to access documents and allows for easy file sharing. Dropbox-Logo

The main problem with Dropbox was that people wanted to use Dropbox for personal files as well as business files. There was no way to do this besides to put your personal files into your business, and things got a little messy. The founders Dropbox explain the update by saying, “It’ll be like having your house keys and your work keycard on the same key chain.” This is the best way to describe the new update, and people are incredibly excited about these new features. The new feature will also make it much easier for CIO and IT teams to limit what each employee has access to, so they only can only access files that pertain to them.

Dropbox is a major player in file sharing game, and this new update will keep current customers happy while bringing in many more. Dropbox isn’t going anywhere soon and will continue to make working and sharing files easier for years to come.


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