How Far Does Your Tweet Go?

Marketers need to understand how far their Twitter actually reaches. Let’s say a cookie producer puts out a tweet about chocolate chip cookies with a delicious picture. Now let’s say that 20 people retweet the picture. This means that all of the followers of all the “retweeters” saw this tweet. Now how can a company really know how many people have seen this? Here is a program that can show you how many people actually ended up seeing your business’ tweet. tweetreach shows you the reach as well as engagement of up to the last 50 tweets. This is a huge bonus because it factors in retweets which could be a huge factor in the success of your tweets. According to their Twitter, they offer free services as well as one time paid reports. You can also subscribe to get on-going reports which could be incredibly beneficial in watching the growth of social media campaigns.

Without a program like this, it is nearly impossible for a company to see how many people that they are reaching. They can estimate it based on followers, but once retweets are taken into account, it becomes impossible. This is an advantage and will allow companies to estimate value of the tweets based on reach. They can compare it to print advertising or other web advertising that they are currently doing.

Twitter metrics are difficult to track and many more comprehensive programs exist. Tweetreach is just a small program, and companies need to research on what metrics work best for them. With future trends going towards Twitter as well as their new IPO, you can count on their metrics to become even more advanced as well as more user friendly for users in the future.


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