How to Use Yelp for Your Business

Yelp is the go-to website for consumers looking for reviews on local businesses in a community. They have over 60 million registered users as well as over 20 million reviews posted on the site. Customers write reviews based on a 5 star scale and businesses are ranked in order of their number of stars per review. Customers use the site for all sorts of business decisions. How can businesses use this tool to their advantage.

Yelp recently release in an article on that they would never manipulate reviews for any amount of cash. They realize that if they ever did this, the integrity of the website would be diminished. If businesses can’t pay Yelp for good reviews, how can they use this powerful tool?

First off, businesses need to make sure that they are registered on Yelp. Your company may already have reviews even if you haven’t claimed the site. If this is so, go to the bottom of the page and click on the “Work Here? Unlock This Business Page.” This will allow you to input accurate basic business information on your website. Make sure that you complete the profile fully with as much information as possible. For more detailed ways to use your business Yelp page, read this detailed article over yelp websites: Social Media Examiner: Yelp. Once you build your profile, use the information to your marketing advantage.

If people are giving your company positive reviews, this is great free publicity. People generally trust the Yelp website because people that are writing in it seem real. See what people like about your business and make sure you are continuing these good qualities. Negative reviews can be just as useful for your business. You would see why people aren’t liking your business, and Yelp could make it easier to figure out where your business needs some work. Use this information to continue to grow and change your business based on your customers’ needs.

Yelp can be a powerful tool that can really help you understand your business if used correctly. It is just another way that social media and internet marketing can affect our daily decisions in business.


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