The Nexus 5: A Great Deal

The Nexus 5 has had months of leaked videos, rumors, and stories about what this phone was going to be like. Now that it is finally here, top tech writers and bloggers are really loving the value of new device. Some people are even calling it the phone that will make you switch from the iPhone.

The phone weighs in at under 4.6 ounces, but is incredibly fast.  The phone is large, maybe to large from some. It is slightly larger than the HTC, but it incredibly light Some reviewers are even saying that it feels “hollow.” The camera is sub-par according to many reviews, but the 16 gig hard drive makes the phone incredibly appealing. The price is at an easy $349 or $399 for the 32 gig model. This is much cheaper than phones of the same style and will be the first phone that will show off the Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” system. nexu

When you search for a business, let’s use Burger King, it will pull up all the Burger Kings in the area. It will also pull open a list of their hours and phone numbers with it. It is incredibly easy, and this is because the Nexus integrates everything with Google Maps. Searching for a business on your Nexus 5 pulls businesses in the same layout as if you were on Google Maps on your computer, This is a major competitive advantage that the Nexus 5 has over iPhone models. The service works great and will help this phone sell.

The first models of the phone sold out incredibly fast, and if you didn’t get in on the first order, don’t worry there will be more on the way soon. People are saying its not the greatest phone of all time, but it is a great machine for the price.


One thought on “The Nexus 5: A Great Deal

  1. I’m killing myself for getting the Galaxy S3 last month. I wish I had waited for this beauty. Hopefully I’ll be able to force my brother into buying my S3 and then I can get the Nexus 5 for myself 😀

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