Twitter’s New Update

Users may have noticed their Twitter feeds have changed their look in their mobile devices as well as on their computers. Pictures display without users having to open them up. This update is huge news, but is the update good or bad news for users?

The positives of this update include the ease of Twitter followers to view pictures. They don’t have to click open each individual tweet to see the pictures that the user posted allowing users to see more pictures faster. Vine videos are also instantly seen on Twitter’s timeline as if you posted it straight from Twitter. twitter-logo-bird

Instagram pictures still aren’t able to be viewed from the timeline; users still have to open these as they did before. For users who enjoy the Facebook look, the app definitely has a more Facebook-like appearance making it seem like you are looking through just as many pictures as tweets. Not everyone is excited about the new update, and the negatives are starting to show their faces.

The first thing that makes users upset about this update is the ease of advertising to get into your feed. It will be more effective for Twitter, but users will be looking at pictures that they don’t want to see and aren’t following. Another big problem for companies is that programs like Hootsuite puts pictures onto tweets using links, and these pictures are showing up as links instead of pictures. Many companies use programs like these to program tweets, and this will cause Hootsuite and other programs to update what they are doing. Many people complain that the enjoyed Twitter not showing pictures they aren’t interested in seeing, and this is what separated them from Facebook.

Only time will tell how successful this update will be for Twitter. With their IPO coming next week, this could be the start of many changes Twitter makes to keep shareholders happy in the future.


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