The Success of Pinterest

Could Pinterest be a major player in the social media world in the future? Recent reports are showing that it already is.  The company wants to help people plan their lives and help people try new ideas through digital scrap booking.  With an incredibly high number of unique visitors and high visibility for companies, Pinterest proves itself as a major contender in the social media world.

Millions of Visitors

Last month Pinterest had over 50 million unique visitors according to This number is up 66% from last year, and the number continues to grow. The visitors are mainly women at 84%. This is a great tool for marketers, and companies using the social media site. They can reach a targeted audience of over 40 million women. This gives them more of an idea what will be successful.

 Success for Companiespinterest

Pinterest drives more consumers to companies than Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ combined. They rank second only behind Facebook in this
number. This means that companies are seeing high value in their efforts on Pinterest and will have a much easier time getting a positive ROI for their companies.

A New Money-Making Strategy

Pinterest now has the analytic tools they needed to start to make money. They can track users when they are clicking, sharing, and pinning to make value for companies. Companies will soon be able to purchase “rich” pins that will allow them to put real time pricing and where people can buy the products. This is a totally different advertising model than social media has seen before and investors are getting incredibly excited about the new changes. The company is valued at $3.8 billion, and currently makes no revenue.

The future is bright at Pinterest, and they are set to be a major contender in the social media world. It will be awesome to watch the growth this company will see in the future.



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