The iPad Air: Should You Buy One?

Yesterday Apple released the first product in what they are calling “The Year of the Product.” The iPad Air is the newest version of the iPad product line weighing in at just one pound. The first commercial for the product has Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston narrating the commercial where the iPad is so thin that it hides behind a pencil. With all this hype, we will show you the major benefits of the newest iPad, and why the product would or wouldn’t be a good purchase.

The new iPad Air has double the capacity of the old iPad models. Its 64 bit A7 processor will also allow better security and more reliability with the product. The product will start at $499 and the 4G model will start at $630. The company claims that this lightness will give the ipad airproduct a futuristic feeling similar to the iPhone 5. The new product will offer fingerprint security just like the new line of iPhones released earlier this year. 

Are these new features enough to make a consumer buy the new product? The answer really depends on what you have now. The price is only going to be $100 more for the new model over the iPad 2. With all of the new features such as the upgraded speed and memory, $100 dollars shouldn’t be a big deal if you are in the market for a tablet and don’t already have one. If the iPad 2 was $200 or $300 cheaper than the iPad Air, there might be more an argument, but if you are buying your first tablet, spend the extra $100 and get the Air.

If you are trying to decide if you should upgrade iPads, the answer isn’t quite as clear. The product will be faster, but the weight difference between the old and new tablets isn’t enough to make you buy a whole new iPad. The fact of the matter is that Apple is only valuing the new iPad $100 more than the old model. This means that the older versions should work fine for a while and jumping on the new model isn’t completely necessary.  On the other hand, if you love to have the most futuristic, newest technology products, the iPad Air will definitely satisfy that need.


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