The Top Three Things to Avoid on Twitter

Everyone knows those people on Twitter that you wish you could unfollow, but you can’t for some reason. Maybe they are a close friend or family member that would be upset if you unfollowed them. If you can’t think of that person, make sure it’s not you and avoid doing these three common Twitter habits. These are the top 3 most annoying things that you can do on Twitter and need to avoid.

1.  Using Too Many Hashtags

Nobody wants to see the tweet like the one placed in the picture. One or two hashtags is plenty, and it gets the main point of your tweet across. Well placed hashtags can bring groups of people together around similar interests, but people will get annoyed and unfollow you if you get out of hand.

2. Retweeting the Same Account Over and Over

Your followers get it. You think Will Ferrell is the funniest human who has ever lived. That being said, people will start to lose it if you retweet every one of his tweets. Maybe 30% of your followers don’t find Will Ferrell funny. Now they have to see his tweets every time he decides to put something on the internet. You will lose followers doing this, and it needs to be avoided.  Try to avoid retweeting the same account more than once a week, and you should be in the clear.

3. Over-tweeting

There is a a fine line between tweeting often, and over tweeting. Signs of over tweeting might be if you tweeted Instagram pictures of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner today, you tweeted every time the Lakers scored in tonight’s NBA game, or if you tweeted so much today that you lost followers. Most research shows that the spot that brands and businesses should tweet is anywhere between 3-5 times per day. Individuals should probably keep the same schedule if they want their followers to pay attention to their tweets.


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