How to Take Better Instragram Pictures

Instagram can be an incredibly useful tool for social marketers when used correctly. It can add to your business’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as bring extra advertising on the growing Instragram application. New users can be a bit confused on how to take full advantage of this application so here are our top 5 tips to take better Instagram pictures.

  1. Always take your pictures on your regular camera first. The camera applications already in place on your smartphones will take much higher resolution pictures than if taken on the Instagram application.  Make sure if you take them with your camera application to take them a bit farther back than usual because the Instagram application will require you to crop the section you would like.
  2. Shoot some pictures in black and white. Black and white pictures give a whole new perspective on basic pictures and make your pictures stand out within the Instagram application.
  3. Take pictures in the last hour of sunlight. When pictures are taken when the sun is going down, smartphones have an easier time with shadows that would normally be difficult in the harsh sunlight of the regular daytime.
  4. Avoid borders. Borders just distract from the photograph you are trying to present and 90% of the time don’t really add much to your picture.
  5. Differentiate. Don’t take Instragram pictures of the same things every time. Try to mix it up. When concerning businesses, maybe take a picture of some work you do, then an employee, then a throwback picture of an old location. People don’t want to see the same thing every single time so make sure you take full advantage of your creativity.

After you follow these steps, put your pictures up on Twitter and Facebook. If you are still having trouble figuring out what to take pictures of, follow large businesses as well as famous Instagram profiles for more ideas.


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