Which Internet Radio is Right for Me?

three companiesThe launch of iOS 7 brought the launch of iTunes Radio. Users  have now  had some time to try the new service and are now comparing the new service to the established streaming service Pandora. Spotfiy also has its own steaming service that is gaining popularity, and with all these options, what makes each internet radio different than the others?

Itunes Radio

ITunes Radio has accomplished a lot in its first attempt at streaming music over the internet. The user interface isn’t as easy to use as the other two services, but it draws strength from using old tracks in your library to help build stations that you will enjoy. Itunes Radio also includes a one-click option to buy a song if you enjoy it and don’t already own it. The service is expected to grow internationally at an incredibly fast rate due to contracts they have made overseas. Through the international expansion, the product will mature and continue to grow over the following years.


Spotify Radio has been around for over a year and is becoming a major competitor in the radio streaming service. Their strengths really lie in in their integration with their subscription service. They are the only company out of the three that offers unlimited song streaming by playing whatever song a user wants on demand. If I want to hear “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen, I type in Born to Run, and I get to hear the exact song. The service has a one click option to add a song to their playlists on the computer application.  If you pay for the service, you have no more ads on either radio or on the instant streaming. The biggest downful is that the instant streaming isn’t available on mobile unless you pay for the subscription. You will still get the basic internet radio with advertisements just lke Pandora.


Pandora has been the leader for a while in internet radio and is getting ready for this upcoming competition. Pandora’s maturity is their competitive advantage. They have the most experience getting the kinks out of their software. Pandora bases their music discovery off the “Music Genome Project” which compares over 400 different assets of music such as  tone and rhythm to make people the exact playlist they will enjoy. Across the internet, the general trends in blogs and websites are that people enjoy the Pandora stations quite a bit more than their competition.

In summary each radio station still holds the strengths that made them the companies they are today. Spotify’s radio station is a good option if you combine it with the Spotify subscription streaming service.  Itunes Radio is great because it can access the library of songs you already own while giving easy access for you to buy more. Pandora’s strength lies in its strong algorithms that have been tested much longer than the competitors.


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