Child Use of Tablets on the Rise

Children love to use tablet computers to access the internet, and this number is only continuing to rise. 42% of children ages 5-15 are using tablets according to data provided by Ofcom. This number is four times what it was last year! What do kids like to do with tablets? Parents will be happy to learn that 75% of kids use their tablets for homework. Homework is the number one reason followed by games and information searches. Tablet use is on the rise with children even ones that are surprisingly young.

tabletsChildren are beginning to use this technology at an incredibly young age. 28% of children ages 3-4 use a tablet belonging to their parents.  To put that into perspective, these children don’t know how to read, write and don’t even have 100% motor ability. However, they are grasping the concepts of one of the most powerful pieces of technology to ever be invented.  Researchers have differing viewpoints on when the right age to introduce children to tablets really is. When used for learning, tablets can really be a valuable tool for young children learning shapes, animals, and basic counting functions. Parents just need to strictly watch what their children are doing with these tablets and ensure that it is appropriate and safe.

The simplicity of tablets is really what draws most parents towards using them. Tablet use in children is up 4 times what it was last year. Smartphones have remained pretty constant with 62% of children ages 12-15 owning one. Tablet use in on the rise over smartphones because parents view the product as something that can be used for homework and information. It also puts more limits on communications and security over their smartphone counterparts.

It will be interesting to watch the progression of tablet computers and children over the next few years. If used responsibly, tablets could be a valuable learning and entertainment tool that will shape the next generation.


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