It Happens to Everyone, Even Google!

gmailOn Monday, Gmail experienced a long outage that affected 29 percent of its users. Some of the outage issues were message delays and unavailable attachments. Google stated that this outage affected almost a third of emails that route through their servers and that 1.5 percent of all emails were delayed more than two hours. If you take into account all of the Gmail users and emails sent per day, that’s millions of emails that experienced a delay.

Yesterday, Google apologized for the issues and stated that the cause of the message delivery delays was a dual network failure. As Google explained, “This is a very rare event in which two separate, redundant network paths both stop working at the same time.”

The plus side is that Gmail still worked for a majority of users. People could still login, read email, and send mail. Google says they will be taking some steps over the next few weeks to ensure that these issues do not happen again. They will try to increase backup capacity, make message delivery more resilient, and work on a quicker and more effective way to respond to network issues.

Some Turbine users were affected by the Gmail outage. We noticed that calendar invites and emails were not delivered as fast as usual. Did you experience any issues with Gmail? If yes, what kind of issues did you run into?


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