iOS 7 Breakdown

7Apple’s iOS 7 is set to release this Wednesday for select devices. The new operating system has been highly anticipated and was featured at last week’s iPhone launch event. If you’re anxiously awaiting the new operating system like we are, then there a few things you should know before you update.


There are some devices that won’t get iOS 7. While Apple is making the operating system available for iPads and iPhones the same day, some older devices will be left out. If you have an iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 the system will be available to you. If you have an older version than those, you’re out of luck. iPads available for the update are the 2, 3, 4, and last year’s iPad mini. Also, the 5th generation iPod touch will be able to update.

New Features: 

iOS 7 contains many new features. We’ve decided to highlight a few that we’re excited about.

Control Center: The new Control Center will make it easier to change some of the settings on your phone. The center allows you to jump into system settings like Wifi, Bluetooth, brightness controls, and more. Control Center aims to make it easier for you to change basic settings that one changes regularly. To access Control Center on iOS 7 just swipe up on the screen.

Design: There have been a lot of mixed reviews regarding the design changes for iOS 7. Apple has changed the fonts, icon design, and animations. Here’s a look into the design of iOS 7:


















App Updates:

This one was a long time coming. The new iOS 7 will automatically update apps in the background and will do that when you’re plugged into Wifi. This was done to save battery life. Going in to the App Store and having to manually update apps kills the battery. The new app update feature will save you time and battery.

We’re excited to try iOS 7 and see everything it has to offer. What part of Apple’s operating system are you most excited for?




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