Getting Social Media Wrong

So, your business is on social media? That’s great, but how are you using it? You have to do more with social media than just create your profile and leave. It takes dedication and time. From our experiences with social media, we’ve discovered that there are multiple ways in which businesses can use it wrong. Here are a few we notice the most:

blah1. Talking at your audience and not to them

Social media can be a great broadcasting tool for your business. It can be much more, though. Social media is for being social. Start conversations and encourage your audience to have a conversation with you. Your audience will get tired out and bored if you do nothing but broadcast what you’re up to. Focus on interaction.

2. It’s not a priority

Just about everyone is on social media. Some people may think it is silly or distracting, but in reality the social networking world is a great way to reach your target market. If your business is using social media, do not treat it like an afterthought. Once you decide to use it, dedicate some time to making it work. Right now, social media isn’t going anywhere. Embrace it.

3. No strategy

Did you jump into social media without a plan? If yes, that’s a no-no. Your business needs to set goals for social media and figure out how it fits with other marketing efforts. Figure out your target market and how to reach them. Then, learn how to measure the success of a campaign. There needs to be reasoning as to why you’re using social media. And saying, “everyone else is doing it” is not a reason. Get your strategy in place and then you can rock it.

pileofcash4. Unrealistic expectations 

Social media success does not happen overnight. This is something we always tell our clients. It is something you have to work at constantly. Do not assume that social media is going to earn your business a boat load of cash. Be patient. Set your goals and see your social media grow. Make sure your goals are aligned with your business strategy.

What’s your advice for getting social media right?


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