Cinnamon Social

cinnmonsociallogoOver the past few months a few members of the Turbine crew have been working a really cool project. Back in May, several people had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a startup generator called NMotion. Cinnamon Social, the idea pitched by Turbine members, was one of the five ideas chosen to be a part of the program.

You’re probably wondering what Cinnamon Social is exactly. Cinnamon Post, the product of Cinnamon Social, is a social media content generator. It’s not just any kind of content generator, though. When you sign up for Cinnamon Post you are asked to answer a few questions about your business. There are questions about what your business does, marketing goals, and most importantly, what kind of voice you have. After filling out this questionnaire, Cinnamon Post works to provide you quality content that you can post on your business’ social media pages.

Cinnamon Social aims to help you spice up your digital content in the most effective and convenient way. To learn more visit their website here.


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