Twitter Metrics

twitterTwitter success is more than just your follower number. We’ve seen this over and over again. People jump on Twitter and only focus on how many followers they have. The truth is, there are other metrics out there that you should be looking into. To determine your tweet success, here are a few metrics you should look into:


Mentions are a great way to see if your tweets are getting engagement. You can tell a lot about the success of your Twitter by looking at mentions. This could tell you how you’re perceived by your audience. The more people talk and engage with you, the more exposure you’re getting. More mentions=more reach and more followers.


Are your fans sharing information with their followers? Retweets are a great way to measure how effective your tweets are. This also helps determine if your tweets are influential. If you want to look at just retweets and not scroll through your @Connect section when singed in, just go to

Follower Growth: 

How’s your follower growth going? Are you seeing a steady increase or are you stuck? This can be a good indication of how things are going. If your Twitter is consistently seeing growth, then that’s great! If not, it may be time to rethink a few things with your tweeting.

You can determine Twitter success by the three metrics listed above. If you’re just judging based on how many followers you currently have, you’re doing it wrong. Start looking into other metrics so you can ultimately determine, and improve, your Twitter.


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