Fuse Mobile App

fuseapp2You know what’s a little time consuming and kind of annoying? Going from one social media app to another to get caught up on everything. Opening app after app and then closing them can drain battery power. This is where Fuse comes in. Fuse is a new mobile app that puts all of your social media activity into one feed.

What exactly is the concept of Fuse? It’s to bring all of your social networks together under one stream or interface. Right now Fuse supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In the future they hope to offer Google+, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

fuseappFuse shares your latest updates in a stream-like format. You can do more than just scroll through the feed, though. Like other social media apps, you can like, share, comment, reply, and so forth. While this app launched back in June, it has recently been mentioned on TechCrunch and AppAdvice.

Some Turbine crew members are currently testing out the app and so far so good. Fuse is free and pretty easy to use. The app is free and adding in Facebook and Twitter streams are free as well. If you wish to upgrade and add your Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, you’ll have to pay $.99 to add each one.

Learn more about Fuse here.


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