Tweeting Styles

Is your brand on Twitter? Do you have a tweeting style? If you’ve been using Twitter for awhile, you should have one. Your style should reflect what your brand is about and what kind of audience you’re trying to reach. There are multiple styles out there, it’s just important that your business picks one that best resonates with your goals. Here are three common Twitter styles that brands use:

1. Educational

Some brands are all about teaching, and that’s a-okay! Your brand probably has a lot of knowledge, and it’s great to share it. You can be educational and engaging. If you have fun facts or have written and interesting and informative blog post, go ahead and share it. If your goal is to inform and educate, than this is the style for you. One example is Social Media Today. We love their articles and think they’re very educational!


2. Humorous

Some brands use humor to attract and keep followers. (We’re looking at you Taco Bell.) Humor can go a long way, because people love to laugh. We have one piece of advice, though. Don’t try too hard to be funny. If it isn’t happening, then don’t force it. People can tell when you’re trying to hard and they’ll get turned off by it. Relax, breathe, and let the funny come naturally.


3. Opinionated 

We like to share some of our opinions about technology and social media. We try not to be overly opinionated, though, because we know it will turn people away. This is a great Twitter style for people associated with certain causes. Warning: Watch your opinions and try not to dive into anything too controversial. You’ll dig yourself a deep hole and it’ll be hard to get out!

There are more than three Twitter styles out there that people are using. What style does your brand like to go with?


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