Facebook’s New Page Insights

What if Facebook told you the times you could best reach your audience? Well, they do! Facebook recently upgraded their Page Insights for business pages and we’re in love. We decided to look into Page Insights a little more and wanted to share our favorite aspects of it with you. We’ve divided up our favorite insights by section.


The first thing we look at when diving into the new and improved Page Insights is the “5 Most Recent Posts” area. It shows us how many people our last five posts have reached, what kind of post it was, and what kind of engagement we got. The engagement part is based on posts clicks as well as likes, comments, and shares. Here’s a little look into this section:


Want to know how the rest of your posts are doing? Just hit “See All Posts”  and you’ll be taken to the Posts section where you can see more insights.


Curious as to where your likes are coming from? The Pages portion of Facebook Page Insights is a great place to get all of that information. The bottom of the Page section shows a graph titled “Where Your Page Likes Came From”. It will show if you if likes were generated from the page, search, sponsored posts, or something else. Every time we get a new like we check this!


This section of Page Insights also provides great information on page visits and organic versus paid reach.


Our favorite part of this section is “When Your Fans Are Online”. This gives you a number of how many of your fans are online at certain times. This gives us great insight into what times we should be posting so our fans will see it. Another great aspect of the Posts section is the “Best Post Types”. This tells you what kind of posts get the most action.



Like the old Page Insights, the new one gives you fan demographic information. The new insights, however, give you a deeper look into the fans reached and engaged based on your demographics. Hitting your right target demographic? These insights will let you know!


We really like the new Facebook Page Insights. They give business pages a deeper look into their demographics, posts, fans, and much more. If your business is on Facebook and you haven’t checked this out yet, you definitely should! 


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