Best Weather Apps

The weather is unpredictable sometimes, but it’s great that we have smartphones to keep us up to date on everything. While the weather app that’s already on the iPhone is great, we found some other good weather apps for iPhone and Android that will keep you in the know at all times.


With AccuWeather you can get daily detailed forecasts that includes topics like humidity, dew point, and visibility. You can get push notifications for weather alerts throughout the country. The app can be personalized so you can get a lifestyle forecast, which provides information for your favorite outdoor activities. AccuWeather is a free app.


This app provides just about everything you need to know regarding the weather. Weatherbug displays local weather when you launch the app. It shows temperature, humidity, wind pressure, and more. You have options for which weather forecast you want to see. These options are daily, detailed, hourly, and 7 day. You can find just about any weather information on this app. Weatherbug is free.

yahooweatherYahoo! Weather

While Yahoo! Weather doesn’t give as much information as Weatherbug and Accuweather, it still provides your day’s forecast in a visually appealing way. Yahoo! shows the weather at your current location as well as the condition and highs and lows for the day. You can swipe down to see a full, five-day forecast and a more detailed forecast for the day. The Yahoo! Weather app is free.

What apps do you use to keep up with the weather?


One thought on “Best Weather Apps

  1. I’m really enjoying Google Now on my new mobile. It tells me the local weather in an instant, or a quick voice query for “weather in San Francisco next Wednesday” quickly gives me what I need.

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