Press Release Tips

prPress releases are an important element for any business with a public relations strategy. Press releases keep the public informed of what your company is up to. They are also for piquing the interest of journalists who may want to cover your topic further. Tons of press releases sent out each day, which means you need to find a way to make yours stand out from the rest. Here are a few tips to help with writing press releases:

1. Write a good headline

The first sentence of a press release is the most important. It should draw the reader in and summarize what the release is about. A press release is often define by its first sentence. Like the first few pages of a book, people will quickly decide whether your press release is worth reading. Your headline needs to be engaging, but it also needs to be accurate.

2. Put the most relevant information first

Ever heard of the inverted pyramid? It’s one of the first things a person in journalism is taught. The first part of your press release needs to have the most important information in it. You need to answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how. The paragraphs that come after the first one should contain supporting information. This is done so readers can easily find the info and so that parts of a story can be cut if it needs to fit in an allotted space. Putting the most important information at the bottom puts your story at risk for being irrelevant and confusing.

3. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point

Reporters and editors don’t have a lot of time. Keep your press release short and to the point. This is why your most relevant information goes in the first paragraph. Choose your words carefully. Proofreading is key! There is always a chance you could cut a word or two out.

4. Include quotes

Adding a quote to your press release adds a human element. Including a quote from someone within the company gives more insight and is a valuable source of information. Make sure the quote isn’t generic. If it starts with “We are excited to…” or “We are thrilled to…”, cut it out. If you want your press release to stand out, use a quote and make sure it’s a darn good one.

5. Include your contact information

Want a reporter to follow up with you? Well you better include your contact info. You should provide an email address and a phone number in case someone wants to do a follow up. Without some contact info, your press release could be deemed ineffective.

6. Proofread! 

Proofread your release and make sure others proofread it as well. A reporter probably won’t take you seriously if your release contains grammatical errors. Don’t just type it up and send it out. Make sure you know that story from top to bottom, and make sure you’ve checked for errors multiple times. One mistake could get your release tossed aside.

Press releases are an excellent way to promote your company. Following the tips we’ve provided will make your business look accessible, professional, and interesting.


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