Using Facebook Hashtags

facebookIt’s no longer breaking news that Facebook rolled out hashtags. In fact, this new feature has been around for over a month. Like Twitter, hashtags on Facebook turn into clickable links. When you use a hashtag you can click on it and see other people who are posting about the same topic. Hashtags are a great way to find pages or people with common interests. If you use Facebook for marketing and aren’t quite sold on the hashtag yet, here are a few ways in which you can use them:

hashtagfacebookPromote events and specials

Do you have a fun contest going on or a special event coming up? If you’re holding a contest create a special hashtag and use it across all social media platforms. The rules on Facebook are a bit different and because of these contest rules, a person will not be able to use the hashtag to enter on Facebook. You can, however, use the hashtag to help people find the content across social media networks by including the hashtag.

Example: “It’s the best vacation photo contest time! Do you want to win a $50 #Amazon gift card? Submit a photo on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #TurbineBestVacation to enter! Last day to submit your photo is 8/20.” 

Increase Reach

A great way to expand your reach is to use a hashtag. Like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, hashtags are a great way to reach people who are interested in the topics talk about. By using a hashtag, you can get have your message exposed to people who may not have seen it otherwise.

Example: “What’s going on in #healthcare lately? Check out our latest blog post for all the info.” 

Amp up your brand:

strawsomeDo you have a new product or service that you’re offering? Create a special hashtag. Doing this can help your new product or service gain exposure. Try to avoid the hard sell, though. Consider what you and your fans would be interested in reading. If you’re not selling a new product or service, no worries. You can still create a special hashtag to amp up your brand. A great example is Starbucks and their #strawsome hashtag. It’s specialized just for Starbucks.

Hashtags are everywhere these days. We’ve provided a few ideas for how to use them. Will you try these out on Facebook?


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