Social Media Conversations

We’ll say it until we are blue in the face: We LOVE social media. It’s a great way to connect with people, whether they’re friends or strangers you have common interests with. If you’re a business, social media is a great way to connect with current and potential future customers. These spaces give you an opportunity to interact with your customers. Social media is not a space to place content and then walk away. It is about conversation and you need to be a part of it.

When it comes to posting on social media, make sure you’re trying to generate conversation. Don’t just post statements. Ask questions and make sure they’re open ended. Don’t just look for “yes” or “no” responses. Ask your fans what they think of something. Being more open ended will allow customers to express their thoughts and it will also give you more insight into who your fans are. Also, use visuals. Videos, pictures, and links get more engagement than plain statuses.

conversationAlong with asking questions and looking for feedback, you need to be responsive. Respond to what your fans are saying. Be open and accessible. Your fans are telling you what they want. Don’t post something and walk away from it and DO NOT ignore your fans. Read their comments carefully and then respond to what they’re saying. If they leave room for it, continue to ask them questions. Your customers want to be heard, and you need to let me know that you do hear them. Whether the feedback it positive or negative, you should respond. We know that negative feedback is a bummer, but this presents opportunity to test your customer service skills. You need to listen to the feedback and respond to it. Your fans will see that you are willing to listen to them and make a situation right. Ignoring negative feedback will not solve anything.

Here at Turbine, we carefully monitor our social media pages. Take Facebook, for example. We read our comments and then respond. We love getting customer feedback and we love responding. It gives us a chance to connect with fans and learn how they perceive us. We believe that each fan is extremely important. They should be talked to and they definitely don’t want to be talked at.

Get in touch with your fans. Try to generate feedback, and when you get some, don’t ignore it. If your business is on social media, get connected.


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