Printing Instagram Photos

instagramoceanInstagram lets you create beautiful photos by adding filters. These filters can turn any picture into a masterpiece. Have you ever wanted to print an Instagram photo but couldn’t figure out how? With these tools you can print your Instagram beauties:

instagrambubblePostalPix: PostalPix is an iPhone app that lets you print two-, four-, five-, or eight-inch square prints. Printing your photos through here gives them high-quality resolution and a matte finish. Another bonus is fast shipping. PostalPix is a free app.

instagramlandscapePrinstagram: Prinstagram gives you multiple choices when it comes to printing your Instagram photos. You can print in squares, create calendars, print posters, and so much more. You can order just about any print imaginable with Pinstagram.

ImageSnap: Looking to have your photos printed on ceramic tiles? ImageSnap takes your photos and turns them into square ceramic tiles. You can purchase these ranging in sizes from 2 to 12 inches.

Casetagram: Want to turn your Instagram photo into a tablet or phone case? You can with Casetagram. You can customize your layout and collage and Casetagram will print on a black or white case. Check their website to see if a case can be made for your phone, tablet, or computer.


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