Tools to Help Productivity

Some days it is just plain hard to be productive. Surfing the web and being on social media can seem more fun than work. Luckily, there are tools out there to keep you on top of your work game.

focusmeFocus Me

Focus Me is a distraction blocking software that has two different modes: Block Mode and Focus Mode. Block Mode will only block the applications that you choose. This means that if you block Facebook, you can’t get on it while in this mode. Focus Mode will only allow you to open the applications and sites that you allow. Work email=good to allow. Twitter=bad to allow!


RescuteTime is a performance evaluation you give yourself. This is a software that runs in the background on your computer. It measures which websites and applications you are spending time on. The time spent is split into categories such as social networking and email. Each week you’ll get an email report of your activities.

selfcontrolSelf Control

SelfControl is a free Mac app that forces you to focus. This software will block you from your email, specific websites, or the entire Internet for a specific period. You are unable to access any of the applications that you block until time expires. Don’t try restarting your computer because that won’t stop the timer!


LeechBlock is a free Firefox add-on that blocks and allows access to specific websites at designated times. You can schedule times throughout the day to check your email, social media sites, and news. If you want to override these settings you can do so by entering a password. The downside of this? It’s only on Firefox. You can easily cheat by checking your email and social media on another browser.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity, check some of these tools out.


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