Extending Phone Battery Life: iPhone Edition

iphonebatteryIt’s noon and your phone is already dying? How can that be? You forgot your charger and will need your phone for the rest of the day. It’s a nightmare. If your iPhone runs out power faster than expected, here a few tips to extend battery life:

1. Turn Bluetooth off

If you aren’t using Bluetooth, is there really a reason to have it on? Probably not. Transmitting data wirelessly takes battery power and leaving Bluetooth on at all times is a battery drainer. If you aren’t using it, turn it off to power. You can find this in settings under Bluetooth. Simply move the slider to off.

2. Turn off location services

One great feature of iPhones is that they have a built-in GPS. With this feature your phone knows where you are so you can get driving directions and find restaurants or attractions nearby. If you don’t need to use location services, it’s a good idea to turn the feature off. GPS services can drain your battery. To turn location services off go to settings, privacy, and location services. Then turn the slider to off.

3. Check for software updates

Software updates are a good thing. They tend to have bug fixes that enhance battery life. If you’re not by a computer, that’s okay. You can check for OS updates right from your phone. Simply go to settings, then general, and go to software update.

4. Decrease auto-lock time

Your iPhone goes to sleep after not being used for a certain period of time. This is known as auto-lock. The sooner your phone goes to sleep, the more battery life it saves, because it is taking less time to run the screen or other services. To decrease your auto-lock time go to settings, general, then auto-lock, and tap your time preference.

5. Check for email manually

Having push notifications on for your email is another battery drainer. By turning your email settings to manual you can save battery life. Having it on manual means you refresh your email by going to the app. If your phone is on a push schedule, the email app is constantly updating in the background, which kills the battery. To put your email on a manual setting go to settings, then mail, contact, and calendars. Once you’re there go to fetch new data and slide the push button to off.

6. Turn on auto-brightness

Your iPhone has a sensor where the screen can adjust to the light around it. If you have your phone on auto-brightness, you will save battery because your phone will adjust to the light. Having your screen set really bright at all times with suck battery life.

There are multiple tips out there on how to save iPhone battery life. What’s your best battery-saving tip?


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