Twitter Tips

tweetTwitter can be great for social media marketing. It is a tool that allows users to easily share information with their followers. Twitter can only be effective, though, if you are an active user. Here are a few tips to use Twitter more effectively:

1. Tweet regularly

If you want to establish your audience you need to tweet regularly. We usually suggest one or more times per day (just don’t go overboard). If you have a company Twitter account but it isn’t used frequently, people may get the idea that your business is not active. You can tweet or retweet things that are relevant to your industry.

2. Highlight your brand

You should use your company logo as your profile picture on Twitter. Avoid using employee photos or other random pictures. Your Twitter should represent your brand.

3. Keep up with your industry

You should follow other Twitter accounts that are within your industry. This can generate increased awareness of your account and help give you posting ideas. This can help build a community and increase your fan base.

4. Write a Twitter bio

The bio section on your profile is a great way to briefly introduce who you are. Be sure to link to your company website and put you are located (city and state). People won’t follow you on Twitter unless they know who you are and what you’re about.

If you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re following the tips listed above. Keep up with tweeting, say who you are, and stay connected with those in your industry.


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