Increasing YouTube Rank

youtubeWe think it’s safe to say that YouTube is HUGE. There are over one billion unique visitors per month and more than six billion hours of video are watched each month. With those statistics, how can you make your videos stand out? How can you make a person watch your video all the way through? Because, let’s face it, grabbing someone’s attention is different than holding someone’s attention. Videos that are watched longer achieve a higher ranking compared to those that are just clicked on. So, how do you keep viewers watching longer? Here are a few tips to increase YouTube ranking:

1. Keyword Research and Titles

We recently discussed the importance of keywords in our blog post called “SEO Tips and Tricks.” Like SEO, you need to choose keywords that fit with your business and your marketing goals. Don’t be too generic. Think about keywords to use in your video titles. Choosing the right keywords will help when your market is looking for videos to watch.

2. Be Clear

What exactly is your video for? Have you explained it? The first five to ten seconds of your video should give viewers a reason to stick around. Show them the benefits they will get from watching your video.

3. Know Your Target Market

You need to know who you’re making your videos for. What are the demographics? Research what your market wants. Don’t assume you know it. You know the good old saying about people who assume.

4. Headlines and Descriptions

Your headlines and video descriptions are important. Like your video titles, use keyword tools to make sure the words you’re using are popular. You can have engaging videos, but people may not find them because your headlines and descriptions don’t contain the keywords people are using. Your titles, headlines, and descriptions need to have solid keywords in them.

The tips above are just a few that can help increase your YouTube ranking. There are many tips and tricks out there than can help with video engagement. These four should get you on the right track.


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