Sometimes social media and the things people post can be a little overwhelming. Whether it’s a long status update, a photo album with a million pictures, or a tweet complaining about something, it can sometimes be a bit to much. Knowing what to post can become stressful. There’s also the question of, “Will this post get likes, comments, shares, favorites, or retweets? This is where Potluck comes in.

Potluck, launched on Tuesday, is a social media platform that simply asks users to share links. This platform is meant to take away the pressure of posting witty status updates or amazing photos. As the Potluck website states, this is a place to “be your authentic self.” It is supposed to take the pressure off of the individual and focus on common interests that people have.

When you or others share a link on Potluck it won’t show your name or an avatar. Instead, you’ll see the name of the link or the topic it covers and which of your friends like it. Clicking on the link will tell you who is liking it. Your friends on Potluck can see which posts you comment or “heart” but cannot see all of the links that you are reading.

Publishing something on Potluck is supposed to be as easy as a simple copy and paste. Research told the creators that people read interesting links every day, but fail to share them because of fear of being spammers or reaching the wrong audience. Potluck is a way to connect and share with people who have the same interests as you. Will you try Potluck?potluck


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